Poliomyelitis  is an infectious disease which causes paralysis especially in children. The disease spreads from a virus of the family of Enterovirus called poliovirus. Polio eradication program was started in 1988 by World Health Organisation (WHO), United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund (UNICEF) and Rotary Foundation.  With the efforts of all these especially Rotary foundations Polio Eradication Initiative Program (PEIP), significant number of reduction in poliomyelitis cases has seen. Till now in 2017, only 11 cases of WPV3 has been reported from Pakistan and Afghanistan, where 5 cases were reported from Pakistan and the rest were from Afghanistan. The figures however are excellent which show efforts done by both the countries despite attacks on polio teams specially in Pakistan. However under strict supervision of Pakistan Army and local security teams, polio vaccine administration to children from door to door were possible.
If we have a look since 2014, Pakistan have reduced upto 98% in polio cases, which can be considered very good. Credit of these efforts goes to law enforcing agencies and polio teams which play vital role despite threats and attacks. Various attacks on polio teams resulted in loss of lives which have reached upto 66 in Pakistan only.
The aim of the polio eradication is to eliminate polio from the world. The last recorded polio of type 2 (WPV2) which was  eradicated  in 1999 and type 3 (WPV3) was last seen in 2012. Since then only WPV1 cases have been reported. The efforts in reduction of polio seem to be successful as number of reported cases has reduced from 36 in last year and reached 12 till now in 2017.
Pakistan has made great success towards poliomyelitis eradication despite hindrances and security hurdles on the way. This effort should not stop and continue surveillance should be carried in order to eliminate polio completely and declaring Pakistan a polio free country.