The viral outbreak in Wuhan city of China has spread to many regions of the world. Until now several cases in different countries have been reported including five in the United States of America (USA). However, efforts of quarantine novel virus are still underway, the authorities of Wuhan city which has a population of more than 10 million have taken many steps to stop the spread of the deadly virus to other parts of the country.  The holidays of the Chinese festive season have started and restrictions have been imposed on the public to travel and visit other country parts. All means of transports have been postponed forcing passengers to stay in the city.  The deadly virus spread which started on the last day of the previous year has claimed more than 150 lives in China. The previous epidemics which occurred in 2002-2003 caused SARS (severe acute respiratory syndrome) to infect 8000 people and claimed approximately 750 lives. Now the virus has modified its genome and a new virus is exploiting the population. Wuhan city looks deserted and markets and shops are closed while people are constrained inside houses. 

In an effort to provide better treatment to the increasing number of coronavirus affected personals, the Chines government has started to build a large hospital with a 1000 bed facility in a short span of time. In the previous outbreak which occurred in 2003, the Chinese government built a hospital in seven days which was a record, now this record will be broken, claimed by the officials. The hospital will be built in Wuhan, the epicenter of the outbreak. 

Latest Situation of the Outbreak: 

According to Chinese media and official reports, the death toll of virus affected persons has reached upto 150 with more than 8000 infected persons. The infection has reached Beijing where one person has died of the virus infection. The epidemiologists say that the toll of infected persons can reach with rapid elevation, the virus is spreading quickly that it has affected other countries within days and in the coming days more cases will appear.  China will also help US citizens to return home who are trapped in Wuhan due to the outbreak.  All citizens of the US will be evacuated from the city and handed over to US authorities. All the personal with be examined before arriving in the USA.  Similarly, other nations have also shown concerns over trapped citizens in Wuhan city. There is a large number of Pakistan and Indian students studying in China and most of them are halted in Wuhan due to travel restrictions. Resources said that the Pakistan embassy is collecting biodata of trapped persons. However, not a single report of infection spread to them is heard yet. 

The latest stats of the virus spread and mortalities

In Pakistan, there were a few reports of Coronavirus outbreak, a couple of days ago Chines citizens admitted to Services hospital Lahore and Nishtar hospital Multan due to be suspicious of the disease as they recently traveled from Heubai province in China where the outbreak started, however, the disease is not yet confirmed. According to authorities, they are being treated and getting better and their blood samples have been sent abroad for verification. With the rise in infected cases, Wuhan city has been locked down and some countries like Japan and the US are trying to evacuate their citizens. 

Pakistan has confirmed that four of her students studying in Wuhan are infected and admitted in a hospital where they are given quality treatment. However many students are still bound inside the city due to Chinese government travel restrictions. On the other side, the US has confirmed its first case of human to human transfer of infection. CDC has confirmed it and a woman who recently visited Wuhan is thought to pass the deadly virus to her spouse. 

The Chinese government is still struggling its best to overcome the spread of the infectious virus to other parts of the country. They have built a modern hospital in Wuhan city and a level four biosafety laboratory for the diagnostic and treatment research of the virus.