A Pakistani scientist and  professor of the University of Punjab has been  conferred a prestigious award by UNESCO. Dr. Shahida Hasnain who is a renowned microbiologist and former chairman of the Institute of  Molecular Biology and Biotechnology (IMBB)in Punjab University has been considered for this award. She will share this award with a Bangladeshi Professor Dr. Samir. United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) nominates an award which is named after a renowned scientist Dr. Carlos J. Finlay, a most important microbiology in the history of microbiology. Dr. Carlos J. Finlay was a Cuban national and worked on infectious diseases mainly known for his work on yellow fever. The award amounts 5,000 dollars and Cuban government and UNESCO jointly award this amount.

Professor Hasnain is a senior microbiologist and a pioneer of the MMG. She has significantly contributed to in the field of environmental microbiology field. According to UNESCO she has notably worked on the heavy metal detoxification mechanisms, salt stress tolerance mechanisms, and bacterial morphogenesis.

The award is distributed after two years on an odd year. According to UNESCO this will be presented on November 6 during the 39th session of the General Conference of UNESCO, which will bring together the organisation’s 195 member-states between October 30 and  November 14.

Dr. Shahida is an experienced and distinguished scientist who has worked on many areas of microbiology with a large number of publications. She holds 250 publications in microbiology in peer review journals. She will share this award with Dr. Samir who is the head of microbiology department in a pediatrics hospital in Bangladesh. He has significant contribution in diseases of child.