Medical Microbiology and Infectious disease society of Pakistan (MMIDSP)


Medical Microbiology and Infectious Disease Society of Pakistan (MMIDSP) is a national society of Pakistan for infection control and issues related to health in the country. Society holds a range of activities for the awareness of public, health professionals, general practitioners and students on topics related to health and infection control.
In September 1993, a small group of microbiologists and infectious diseases specialists in Karachi formed The Karachi Infectious Diseases Society which later grew into a nation wide body of microbiologists and ID physician and thus became to be known as THE INFECTIOUS DISEASES SOCIETY OF PAKISTAN (IDSP). The society was renamed in MAY 2013 as THE MEDICAL MICROBIOLOGY AND INFECTIOUS DISEASES SOCIETY OF PAKISTAN (MMIDSP). This society was created to disseminate awareness and knowledge within the communities of common infections and their prevention. The society also aimed to update the primary physicians of current modalities in the treatment and management of common infections.
The MMIDSP is a national society in existence since 1993 and with more than 400 registered national and international members. The society comprises of individuals from various professional backgrounds like infectious diseases experts, pathologists, microbiologists, researchers, pharmacists, public health personnel, paramedical staff etc. MMIDSP’s mission revolves around the prevention, early diagnosis and prompt treatment of infectious diseases. We highlight the importance of antimicrobial resistance and hospital infection control. It regularly conduct annual conferences and a number of workshops across the country to disseminate the latest trends, knowledge and developments. The society also issues a journal on a quarterly basis and have recently launched the guidelines for the diagnosis of common infectious diseases in adults and children. The society has an active and happening website at and an equally active Facebook page under the same name.


The objectives of the MMIDSP are to:
  • Develop rapport among physicians and science graduates from diverse backgrounds in ID
  • Conduct clinical trials and gather data regarding clinical, epidemiological and laboratory aspects of ID
  • Conduct multi institutional studies in disease patterns, drug trials, etc
  • Study preventive aspects of common IDs
  • Provide guidelines for improved lab diagnosis
  • Study nosocomial infection patterns
  • Encourage physician dialogue over common and uncommon IDs
  • Educate physicians, nurses, patients and the community about detection and prevention of communicable diseases
  • Organize lectures, seminars/conferences for dissemination of information
  • Publish a periodical of IDs
Many of these objectives have been met over the course of years. The MMIDSP represents clinicians in all disciplines of medicine as well as pathologists and microbiologists. Several surveillance and drug trials based in multi institutions took off, and some have been reported in local and international conferences and journals.

Membership Information

How to become a member of MMIDSP is given under
  • All you have to do is take a print out of the form download form
  • Fill it, take a picture of it.
  • Send it to Luqman Saab at
  • Also you will need to pay Rupees 3000 only for lifetime membership.
  • Fees can easily be paid online on the details given under.
  • Just take a screenshot of the online transaction and send it to Luqman along with the form or you can send it to Dr. Summiya Nizamuddin.
Details of the society’s account are as under:
Bank name:            Soneri Bank Ltd.
Title of account:      Infectious Diseases Society of Pakistan.
Account No.:           0024-0201-1378093
Branch name:         AKU Branch, Karachi.
Luqman’s contact number is 0333 3977011
Please encourage your colleagues and friends to join the society as well. Please visit our website at for more information and also follow our page on Facebook for latest updates.

Benefits of Membership

  • an open invitation to participate in MMIDSP sponsored events and activities
  • be shortlisted to attend any of the MMIDSP sponsored events across the country
  • discounts off  MMIDSP conference and symposia registration fees
  • Present a poster or oral presentation at our Annual Conference and even be nominated for a prize.
  • attend networking events at our Annual Conference
  • 20% discount of MMIDSP Guidelines for Diagnosis of Infectious Diseases in Adults and Children
  • free access to the peer reviewed quarterly published Infectious Disease Journal of Pakistan
  • publish your research in our journal
  • receive updates and material on new and emerging infectious diseases issues, both locally and worldwide
  • receive announcements regarding national and international conferences
  • opportunity to become part of the ‘think tank’ on ID and microbiology issues
  • opportunity to interact and learn from some of the best minds in the country
  • use the member directory to request help or offer it, whether that’s mentorship, career guidance, or something else
  • opportunity to publicize event on our website


Contact Details

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Postal Address
21G/1, Block 6, P.E.C.H.S Shahra-e-Faisal Karachi.
Mobile:  0092-333-3977011